Wreck It Ralph Movie Review

The wait is over for Gamers as Wreck It Ralph has finally hit theaters today. I got to see it firsthand after so much anticipation. Here’s the review.

First off, the movie is about Ralph, a video game character who is tired of being the bad guy in his own arcade game known as wreck it ralph. in a meeting with the video game villains (cameos such as Bison and Zangief from Street Fighter, Bowser from Super Mario Bros, Dr. Eggman from Sonic the hedgehog and more), he made the decision to stop being the bad guy which shocked the other villains and thus he goes game hopping and encounters many other VG characters along the way. Other cameos include Sonic the Hedgehog- himself, Chun Li from street fighter and more, truly fan service for all gamers and that’s what I enjoyed most about this movie. This is a must see movie for all gamers, nerds, geeks, and otaku alike. I won’t spoil it any further, but you get the idea of the story.

I give Wreck It Ralph 5 out of 5 stars. Be sure to check it out in theaters ASAP and also be on the lookout for this to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray. I know I will. The best nerdy movie I’ve seen since Scott Pilgrim VS The World. Also one of the best movies of 2012 in my eyes.

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