Xbox One

Xbox One games at E3 Expo were running on Windows 8

E3 Expo that ended earlier, Microsoft Revealed most of its Line-up for Xbox One Games, However Microsoft did not run the Game on Xbox One Developer Kit or any Earlier Version of Xbox One. Its pretty awful to do something like that, Many Pictures have been found on Twitter and NeoGaf revealing Microsoft’s Deed.


Microsoft or Developers have no Official Comment on this whatsoever. What is believed is that PC that was running Xbox One games was having a Powerful Nvidia Graphic card, AMD GPU & CPU with Windows 8 as their Operating System.

No one told anyone to hurry things up! they have GamesCom coming up which is going to take place at Cologne, Germany in Mid-August. Microsoft could have not pushed things faster and harder because they are on a Suicide Mission especially for many who could not afford Brand-New games, who do not have or Slower Internet connection and the Price which is 100$ USD more then PlayStation 4. Guess what? Now Demonstrating Xbox One on a Gaming Rig! Gaming PCs always out-perform the consoles let it be PlayStation 4 or Xbox One but Showing the Performance of a Xbox One on Gaming PC is pretty Lame.

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