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Zero four games “Dubai Racing” launches today at 9 pm on Appstore

Zero four games, Creators of World’s First online drifting game “Dubai Drift” is releasing its 2nd app, based on racing this time, vehicle list includes Dubai Police’s Brabus G63, Nissan Gu aka Y60, Nissan R34 Skyline, and a plenty more cars that are pampered here in Gulf comes at no extra price. Dubai Racing is available to download, 9pm (UAE Time) on Apple Appstore and Android Google Play for free followed by In-app purchases available. Ladies & Gentle gamers, Start your phones! 

Sneak-Peek of Dubai Drift: Watch Dubai Police cars in game-action

Verdict on Dubai Drift

Dubai Drift is a game of its own, Locally developed games include Dubai Drift, Curse of Memos, Al Badayer, and the list goes on. It feels great to race your car in your own loved country since you don’t harm anyone as far as I know. Back to Dubai Drift, the game offers several types of in-game modes such as freestyle allowing user to burn the tyre off as fast as the user can to win the goal time, that we usually see in car festivals that happen in controlled environment at Ras Al Khaimah, UAE mostly. In this case, you have different venues such as Burj Al Arab sight etc. but where the game comes in bright light is its Multiplayer drifting, letting users to drift against their friends or foes by auto-matchmaking that is faster than some of the top-industrial games.

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